DUI / DWI Insurance

DWI Insurance -The Street Talk about Auto Insurance after a DWI.

Word on the street is that DWI Insurance is not affordable. That is far from the truth. We represent auto insurance companies that have research showing drivers that have a DWI are less likely to have accident’s, therefore our premiums are much lower than any other company without sacrificing your Auto Insurance coverage.

“Great Auto Insurance and Great Rates”. This does not mean it’s ok to drink and drive. It simply means that you made a mistake in judgment one time and that should not be cause to pay 400% more for car insurance. Many companies prefer drivers with a good driving record. Our companies have figured out how to make money on drivers with mishaps like DWI’s, speeding tickets and accidents without charging sky high rates. Our agents can help you find the right coverage.

DWI Insurance - North Carolina
DUI Insurance - North Carolina

DWI or DUI insurance is car insurance that is needed after you have received a DWI / DUI.

North Carolina has a very strict policy regarding driving under the influence and it’s important that you adhere to all of the regulations. You still need insurance and if your premium has gone up or your carrier has dropped you, Pegram Prevatte Insurance can help by finding you new auto insurance coverage.

You may be given a penalty as a first-time offender, which will result in a higher cost car insurance premium. If you continue to drive throughout the state, you will need DUI insurance. However, there may be more affordable options available and our agents will be happy to find providers that offer North Carolina DUI auto insurance at affordable rates.

Each insurance carrier offers something different for DUI.

Some will offer discounts if you have more than one insurance with them. Others are going to offer towing and rental car coverage. All of these can be considered to meet your needs, even with one or more DUIs on your driving records.

There are specific minimums that you have to meet in regards to the liability insurance coverage for people and property. Once you meet the minimums, it is up to you as to whether you want to increase the coverage as well as to purchase comprehensive insurance. Depending on accidents you have gotten into in the past, it may be advantageous to maximize your coverage.

DUI DWI Insurance Rates - North Carolina

DUI / DWI insurance can ensure you have coverage that meets the state requirements.

If you have had more than one DUI, the state may require you to obtain special insurance that has higher coverage amounts to protect those who drive around you. In the event that you do get into another accident where you are driving under the influence, it will pay for all of the damage.

It is the hope that you will never get a DUI again. It is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the state of North Carolina and it can be a big mistake to make. It can cost you a considerable amount of money and take lives in the process. However, if you have learned your lesson and you are in search of DUI insurance so you can drive your car, there are affordable options available.

By working with an experienced insurance agent, there are ways to get discounts, lower your deductible, and much more. A DUI may be in your history, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive to maintain car insurance in the state of North Carolina.

Find out how to get affordable DUI auto insurance today so you can reduce your payments and obtain the necessary coverage for your vehicle.

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