Flood Insurance

Flood insurance coverage when you need it the most

Do you need Flood Insurance? Flooding is typically the least unforeseen event but can easily cause the most damage. Many Americans do not realize the repercussions and costly home repairs that a small amount of water can do. If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of flood damage, you know that everything you own can be gone in minutes.

Acquiring flood insurance coverage is an intelligent decision that will protect you, regardless if the government declares that incident as a “disaster” or not.

Flood Insurance - Burlington NC
Flood Coverage

Getting flood coverage will include:

  • Standard Flood Insurance
  • Preferred Risk Flood Insurance

Whether you live in an area with flood history or live in a flood plain, our trusted agents will help you find an affordable flood coverage that may protect your property.

Note: There may be a 30 day waiting period or greater for Flood Insurance policies so ask your agent about it right away. Visit ncdoi.com for more information.