How to Become an Insured Driver After a DUI

How do you become an insured driver after a DUI?

Each year is full of parties, festivities and celebration are in order. Before you get too excited, we encourage you to plan ahead! Don’t get caught making a quick decision to jump behind the wheel of a car “just this once” after having a few drinks. First, think of how such a decision could effect your life and your loved ones should you be charged with a DUI. Simply said, your life may change quite drastically. Not to mention, your decision is irreversible should your impairment cause a tragic sequence of events and harm or end another innocent life.

  • If you are stopped while driving under the influence of alcohol
  • your license could be suspended or revoked meaning
  • life will quickly become inconvenient without the ability to drive
  • insurance may be cancelled because an insurance company may not want to take the risk of paying for your next accident.

You may be thinking you won’t need insurance since you can’t drive. However, there will be a time when your license is reinstated and you will want to drive again. This is going to take persistence, patience and discipline on your behalf.

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What You Need to Know About Becoming an Insured Driver After a DUI

1. Be prepared. You will most likely be considered a high risk driver which may mean your insurance premium will likely be higher… However, as you get years of violation free driving under your belt, it it will likely be duly noted and your premiums may reduce over time.

2. Once you have your license back in your possession you must fill out a form, SR-22. This is a form that many states require you to carry for up to three years after an DUI. It validates that you have adequate insurance to pay in case of accident.

3. Whatever you do, do not let your new insurance policy lapse or cancel! If it does, your insurance company may be required to report it to the state. States do not want uninsured drivers with a history of DUIs traveling on their highways and byways.

While we recommend avoiding a DUI before it happens, you can be encouraged if you’ve found yourself with one on your record. Getting back behind the wheel after a DUI is possible. We can answer your questions and help you navigate the best solutions for DUI Insurance.

Happy holidays and remember to think before you drink and drive.