Is My Golf Cart Covered Under My Homeowners Policy?

Is My Golf Cart Covered Under My Home Insurance Policy? Your golf cart needs to be covered, but it may not be under your home insurance policy. Since it is a vehicle, you may want to think about adding it to your auto insurance policy. This will ensure that if you drive it around the neighborhood and get into a little fender bender, any damage that is caused by the cart will be covered as well.

A golf cart is a little different than other vehicles because it is not street legal. It cannot go that fast and it is designed for staying on a golf course and potentially within a community. They may or may not be designated cart paths and these are things that your insurance company is going to ask you about. You need a separate insurance policy for your golf cart.

So, Is My Golf Cart Covered Under My Home Insurance Policy?

Your homeowner’s policy may not cover the golf cart because of the cost. However, if you want the protection solely for when it is sitting in your garage or driveway and you’re not going anywhere, then it could be added to the policy.

It’s possible to contact the homeowners insurance company and tell them that you want to add the golf cart. They are going to ask about the value of the cart, where you store it and other details. This will ensure that the cart goes on the record as being housed at your home. Your policy cost may go up a little bit, but you will have the coverage in the event that it is damaged on your property or even stolen from the property.

You may want coverage from your Home Insurance as well as your auto insurance. It all depends on what events you want the golf cart to be covered for. Once you have figured out all that you want to be protected against, you can shop for the most effective policy. You simply cannot assume that it is covered automatically without letting the insurance company know that you own one.