Why Do I Need Rental Reimbursement Coverage If I Own Two Vehicles?

Rental Reimbursement Coverage if You Own Two Vehicles

When you call to get Auto Insurance, the representative is going to talk to you about rental reimbursement. They are going to advice that you get it, but if you have two vehicles, do you really need it? The answer is yes.

There’s likely a reason that you have two vehicles now – because you use both of them. One may be used by you and another by your spouse or child. If one of them is involved in an accident, then you are suddenly down to one vehicle.

The rental reimbursement will allow you to get a rental car to use while the car is in the shop – and it will be covered within your auto insurance policy. The car can be used to go back and forth to work, to the grocery store, and as you would use your car.

If you are down to one car temporarily, it could become a huge inconvenience. One of you will be doing all the driving, which could include taking someone to and from work, school, and other places. This is going to take more time out of your day and add a lot of mileage to your vehicle. So while it’s possible to use one car if you get into an accident with the other, it is certainly not the ideal situation.

The simpler solution is to pay the cost of the rental reimbursement. It is generally an affordable addition to your auto insurance policy and one that you will be glad you have when you need to put your car in the shop after an accident. The reimbursement will be for a set amount a day and can provide you with a nice rental from a local rental car company.

When you get auto insurance, listen to what the your agent has to say. Even if you have two cars, don’t disregard the coverage because it can save you time and mileage by having it.