What does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

What does Homeowners Insurance Cover? Homeowners insurance could very well protect you in the event that something happens to your home or your possessions. But there are lots of scenarios in which homeowner’s insurance could end up being a real lifesaver. You might be surprised by some of the things that are covered by home insurance.

You probably already know that home insurance will pay for damage to your actual house. But, there are a lot of causes of damage to consider. Some of the common culprits include loss from fire and smoke, vandalism, weight of ice or snow, wind, and water. Loss that occurs as a result of severe weather or natural disasters is usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

But it doesn’t stop at fire and storm damage. Home insurance covers many other things. For example, mold damage may be covered by your policy. Objects falling from the sky can also damage your home. It’s less common, but if your home suffers damage as the result of a tree limb, airplane debris, or even something like a meteor, your homeowner’s insurance will cover you.

Certain types of accidents are also covered by homeowners insurance. For example, if your dog bites a neighbor in the yard, that could be included with your basic liability coverage. However, it should be noted that if an animal has a history of biting, it may be considered ‘vicious’ and will not be covered. Other accidents are covered as well. If someone slips on your driveway or falls on your front steps, your policy should cover their medical bills.

Even certain types of accidents that occur away from your property may be covered by your home insurance. If you cause an accident to another person away from home, unless it involves your car, your homeowners insurance may cover that person’s medical expenses.